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Radiation Protection for Veterinary Practices

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Lead Aprons

  • Veterinary Single-sided Coat Aprons
  • Double-sided Aprons (Part/Full overlap)
  • Skirts & Vests (Part/Full overlap)

Hand Protection

  • Disposable Surgical Gloves
  • Seamless Gloves
  • DUO Gloves
  • Mittens

Other types of Radiation Protection

  • Thyroid Collars
  • Eye Protection
  • Gonad & Ovarian Shields
  • Patient Shields

Storage for Radiation Protection

  • Mobile Storage Racks with up to 12-hangers
  • Wall Mounted Racks with up to 5-hangers



Our latest innovation, Leadlite™ is the lightest leaded material in the world. This breakthrough in weight optimisation is a result of the purest and finest lead particles used together with mineral oils and minimum bonding materials replacing artificial plasticizers. Our special formulation ensures that the material remains supple for several years and is resistant to humidity.


Kiran fulfills its promise of being a socially responsible company with Zero Lead™, an eco-friendly apparel that replaces lead with a combination of tungsten, bismuth, and antimony. This sheeting provides the same protection as leaded sheeting and is also significantly lighter. This innovative sheeting has been extensively documented in European and American scientific journals.


Our most popular sheeting, Ultralite™ replaces a large part of lead with a combination of tungsten, bismuth, and antimony. It provides the same protection as leaded sheeting but at a significantly lower weight. Ultralite™ is ideal for cath labs and intensive surgeries requiring protection apparel to be worn for long periods of time.

Colour Chart

Aqua Green
Aqua Green
Coal Grey
Coal Grey
Forest Green
Forest Green
Fuschia Pink
Faschia Pink
Burgundy Red
Burgundy Red
Lavender Purple
Lavender Purple
Navy Blue
Navy Blue
  Royal Blue
Royal Blue

All Apparel have a unique colour of edging, which complements the main colour. All apparel can be customised with colour combinations of customer's choice.

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